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Are Cloud-Based Phones Secure?

Upon first thought, cloud-based phones don’t sound as safe as their landline counterparts. Since landlines have more physical equipment, they appear more secure than a cloud; you may even be thinking, “What is a ‘cloud’ anyways?” However, as experts in cloud-based phone installation, we can assure you that VoIP phone systems are just as safe […]

What Is a VoIP Service Provider?

A VoIP service provider is a company that offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hardware and services to businesses so that they can carry their communications over their IP data network. With a VoIP service provider, you don’t have to worry about the complications that come with landline phones. Some common VoIP service providers are […]

How Does 911 Work on Cloud-Based Phones?

If you just switched your business to VoIP from standard landline phones, you might be wondering how the emergency calling capabilities work. With standard landline phones, your location is immediately directed to the 911 operators near you. However, since VoIP operates over your data network, this makes it a bit more complicated. With ComTech Cloud […]

5 Ways Cloud-Based Phones Can Improve Your Business

It’s almost 2018, and landlines are quickly becoming obsolete. The days of expensive long-distance calls and full voicemail boxes are over as new technology has entered the office scene. Cloud-based phone systems, which operate over an IP data network, offer a number of advantages that make them a worthy investment for your business. No matter […]

How to Choose a Commercial Phone Provider

If you just started a new business—whether small, medium-sized, or enterprise—or you’re looking to grow your existing business more, communication is a key factor in achieving success as a company. Although you may think of it as an afterthought, your commercial phone provider can make a significant difference in the communication efficiency of your business. […]