Enhanced 911 System Installation & Sales in DC, MD & Northern VA

In business, we pay attention to a wide number of important factors and details on a routine basis. Keeping up with clients, maintaining budgets, and communicating among offices—it’s safe to say we do it all. But when it comes to your business, absolutely nothing is more critical than your safety and the safety of your associates and staff.

At ComTech Cloud, our team takes that need seriously and strives to provide connectivity not only to superior communication solutions, but also to emergency services. We’ve been providing businesses with top-class technology and unified communication services for years, and we want nothing more than to always bring you the very best! To learn more about the advanced VoIP features we offer, click here.

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What Is an Enhanced 911 System?

911 is, of course, a crucial service that provides safety solutions and emergency care services to Americans nationwide on a routine basis. But the advent of smartphones, or even older cellular telephones, made emergency solutions somewhat more challenging. As a response, Enhanced 911 (E911 for short) systems were implemented. Put simply, it was mandated by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission that mobile phone services provide a rough estimate of the location of the emergency caller when 911 is contacted.

This is now an absolute must for any standard mobile phone provider, but doesn’t yet encompass VoIP communication services. Since one of the major benefits of VoIP—and unified communications as a whole—is added ease of mobility, it’s only logical to include E911 systems to VoIP services, which we at ComTech Cloud provide.

The Enhanced 911 systems provided through ComTech Cloud automatically provide a caller’s call back number to emergency personnel, allowing added safety and ease of access to communication with emergency callers. It is fast and easy to switch between your currently active phone, whether in-office or on the go with your mobile phone.

Install Enhanced 911 Features for Your VoIP System in MD, DC & VA

The benefits here are clear. E911 simply means added safety and security in a time of need and the assurance that you have care and emergency service access any time you need it. In the event of an interruption, or if an emergency prevents the caller from continuing the call, E911 gives emergency care teams the opportunity to reach you regardless, potentially saving a life. And that’s a service our team is proud to provide.

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