VoIP Systems for Law Firms

It appears Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the future of small and medium business communications. Law firms are included within this broad range of business types. Whether you have only a handful of phones at your boutique law firm or upwards of 50 phones at your multi-office law firm, ComTech Cloud offers the VoIP services you need for improved communication and productivity.

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VoIP Solutions for Law Firms

When you switch to a hosted VoIP phone system for your law firm, you leave behind the complex switchboard and wiring setups of traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phones in favor of something much more streamlined. VoIP is a computer-based solution that uses your existing Local Area Network (LAN) internet connection to send and receive voice data. This reduces installation and maintenance costs, simplifies your communication system, and allows for future growth and flexibility as your law firm’s needs change.

Communication and Productivity for Law Firms

The bottom line is you need a phone system that maximizes communication within the firm and with outside customers. Here are the features of VoIP that can improve communication and productivity for your law firm. VoIP boasts the following benefits:

  • Easy to Set Up and Use. If you have internet access at your law firm, you’re already set up to install and use VoIP phones. The system works in a wide range of office environments, especially if you choose a solution that doesn’t rely on proximity to Ethernet ports or pre-existing wiring.
  • Better Voice Quality. Digitizing voice data and transmitting it over the internet provides superior voice quality for effortless customer communication. It also helps that VoIP hardware and software is engineered to work together seamlessly for clear voice quality on every call.
  • Better First Impression. When clients call your firm, you want to exude professionalism. VoIP features including virtual receptionist, multi-ring and hold music help you put your best foot forward.
  • Flexible Scalability. Unlike landlines and PBX phones, VoIP is inherently flexible, allowing you to choose what features and services you want from your provider. This is great when you first get started as well as years down the road. For example, you may decide on one configuration today, and if you realize a year from now that you need to make a change, you can call up your VoIP provider and have the services you want added to your subscription. You can scale up or down to accommodate more or fewer users without the need to upgrade or replace hardware. This makes business growth in the future something to look forward to with no communication pitfalls.
  • Mobility. Today’s law firms are more mobile than ever before. VoIP gives you the option to make calls through the main office number from your cell phone. You can set up your business phone to automatically transfer incoming calls to other extensions or voicemail boxes. You can manage your voicemail, update your preferences or view call logs – all while out of the office. Whether you’re researching a case or meeting with a client across town, added mobility is essential to good communication.

VoIP Provider in DC, MD & VA

If these benefits sound like they could help your business, it pays to compare the ongoing costs of your current phone system to a new VoIP solution for your law firm. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that making the upgrade not only provides all these benefits, but that it will actually cost less to operate than your current system! Contact the experts at ComTech Cloud to set VoIP for your law firm today.