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Benefits of VoIP for Your Business in Maryland, Northern Virginia & Washington, DC

Reliable Voice Solutions Throughout the DC Metro Area

ComTech Cloud’s cloud-based phone systems have considerable advantages over conventional landline phones. VoIP systems are cost-effective and dependable in comparison to traditional phone lines, and they allow you to communicate in a variety of ways—by transmitting voice, data, video, text, and images. Whatever your business (smallmedium, or enterprise), voice solutions are critical for accomplishing your daily tasks.

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Cost Savings

By switching to VoIP, consumers typically save a significant amount of money on their monthly phone service. With VoIP, there are fewer taxes and fees, a larger local calling area, and less equipment and hardware. Unlike most traditional phone systems, VoIP includes the features without charging you individual or hidden fees for each. Also, since there is less hardware and equipment, phone systems are easily expandable as your business continues to grow.

With our hosted VoIP service, you’re saved from the burden and risk of the expensive purchase of equipment. You save upfront with a smaller capital expense and in the long term by not having to replace old or faulty hardware that could soon become obsolete.

Since VoIP takes the place of traditional phone lines, businesses are able to reallocate money they would usually spend on phone bills to other parts of their business. If you’re interested in saving money for your business with a service that allows you to communicate with someone in more advanced ways than you could over a normal phone line, then VoIP is the choice for you.

Unlimited Calling

For one low monthly flat rate per user, get unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling, free calls between offices, and voicemail. Since the telephone calls travel through your data network instead of a phone company’s network, VoIP allows for improved workplace flexibility that helps you reach your desired business goals. You can even keep your phone number when you switch to VoIP service. Then you can use the service anytime, anywhere, and you’ll experience crystal-clear voice quality with every call you make.

Your business could be up and running with a reliable, hassle-free VoIP service. Contact us today to learn more!

Built-In Disaster Recovery (BDR)


Emergencies happen, and it’s important to be prepared when they do. You’re always up and running with built-in disaster recovery from ComTech Cloud when you sign up for VoIP service.

One main benefit of hosted voice is survivability. With ComTech Cloud, your system can be configured to automatically reroute all calls during an outage so that you never miss a call. Calls can be rerouted to another office or location, or it can simply be auto-forwarded to your cellphone.

With ComTech Cloud, you have flexible disaster recovery and can send calls wherever they’re needed. We also offer:

VoIP Services Throughout in MD, DC & Northern VA

Though you may be looking for a company like Vonage or RingCentral for commercial phone installation and VoIP in the DC metro area, you need a provider you can trust. At ComTech Cloud, we offer the service you need and the benefits you want without any of the extra costs that major providers require.

Our Core Values

At ComTech Cloud, we take pride in incorporating the following into everything we do:

  • Clear communication. We put our customers before all else and aim to build relationships through strong communication skills. That way, we know when you are happy.
  • Superior technical understanding. It is important to us that we excel in providing the products and services you need.
  • Adaptability. We understand the world of technology is always changing. It is our goal as a company to learn and grow with new developments in the industry.
  • Problem prevention. We analyze issues in all areas of our field and consistently come up with alternatives to find the best solutions for both the long- and short-term goals of our customers.
  • Accountability. We take responsibility for our work and aim to continually improve as a company.

If you’re looking for the best VoIP company in the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland area, contact our team at ComTech Cloud today to learn about VoIP options for your business! We’ll help you find the voice solution that meets your needs in DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia.

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