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Are Cloud-Based Phones Secure?

Posted on: May 7, 2018

Update 6/23/20: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are migrating to work-from-home environments. Whether your business has a work from home plan already or needs to quickly develop one, ComTech Cloud’s IT tools and solutions make it possible to conduct normal day-to-day operations remotely. This article discusses cloud-based phone security – an important component of your work-from-home infrastructure.

Upon first thought, cloud-based phones don’t sound as safe as their landline counterparts. Since landlines have more physical equipment, they appear more secure than a cloud; you may even be thinking, “What is a ‘cloud’ anyway?” However, as experts in cloud-based phone installation, we can assure you that VoIP phone systems are just as safe as a traditional set of landline phones. Plus, with the other benefits and features of cloud-based phones, there’s no reason not to make the switch.

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How Does a Cloud-Based Phone System Work?

Cloud-based phone systems, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allows you to make phone calls and hold conferences over your existing data network rather than through a complicated mess of wires. Since VoIP allows you to communicate within and among multiple offices without being tethered to a physical landline, you and your employees are able to enjoy increased flexibility and efficiency. These advancements present the security you need with the modern advancements you want.

While a landline uses circuit switching to transfer data, VoIP uses packet switching. In the case of a landline, the data travels through a path between callers, and the circuit remains closed until someone hangs up. With VoIP, data is transferred in packets, which are then sent over the data network towards their destination. Unlike storing sensitive data in individual mobile devices, VoIP uses a data storage center that is protected by security measures. These measures are being continually updated to ensure that your data is as secure as possible.

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VoIP Security Risks

In order to make sure your data network is safe and secure, keep these potential risks in mind:

  • Weak passwords – Using default passwords or setting ones that are easily predictable can make it simple for hackers to obtain your sensitive information. Be sure to create unique, difficult passwords when you set up your cloud-based phones.
  • Outdated network – As mentioned above, security measures are constantly being updated for IP networks. If your security measures aren’t being regularly updated, your data could be compromised.
  • Lack of encryption – Voice encryption enables data packets to travel to their intended path without being intercepted. Employing advanced encryption tools will minimize hackers’ ability to intercept these packets.
  • Public internet connectivity – If your company uses a public internet vendor, your data will pass through a lot of different paths before arriving on the other side. Selecting a unified business communications providerwill offer a more reliable, secure network option.

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