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5 Ways Cloud-Based Phones Can Improve Your Business

Posted on: December 20, 2017

It’s almost 2018, and landlines are quickly becoming obsolete. The days of expensive long-distance calls and full voicemail boxes are over as new technology has entered the office scene. Cloud-based phone systems, which operate over an IP data network, offer a number of advantages that make them a worthy investment for your business. No matter how many employees you have or how big your business is—small, medium, or enterprise—you will experience a significant boost in efficiency when you make the choice to switch to VoIP.

1.    Cost Savings

With less equipment and more ways to connect over the Internet, cloud-based phone systems take away costs related to both maintenance and monthly bills. No matter how far apart your business’s offices may be, there are no extra charges for long-distance calling over a VoIP network. Plus, all of the advanced features you want are included and at no additional expense for you.

2.    Unlimited Calling

Instead of being charged per call, you and your employees can make as many calls as needed for one low monthly flat rate per user. With comprehensive training from the experts at ComTech Cloud, you can manage your own data network and keep track of you calling activity instead of putting your trust in the hands of a major company who might just be after your hard-earned money.

3.    Features

Unlike traditional landlines that merely allow for making calls and simple voicemail accommodations, cloud-based phone systems offer features that every modern business needs to function and communicate as effectively as possible. For example, voicemail to email helps keep you organized by sending all of your messages to your email inbox, including the contact information you need to respond to clients quickly and thoroughly. Built-in disaster recovery (BDR) and intra-office calling are some other features that make VoIP a smart choice for any business of any size.

4.    Productivity

When you aren’t worried about calling your commercial phone provider due to equipment issues and all of your calls come through crystal clear, you’re able to get a lot more done during the work day. The efficiency and flexibility that cloud-based phones give to your business make them one of the best investments you can make for your office. No more dropped calls, missed client opportunities, or disgruntled employees. When you work with a VoIP provider like ComTech Cloud, the only thing you’ll need to think about is how to use all of your newly discovered free time!

5.    Hands-On Service

Even though there are big companies out there like Vonage and RingCentral that offer VoIP services, ComTech Cloud is a local business just like yours that has your best interest in mind. We will never shortchange your service just so that we can gain money; our top priority is helping your business grow and thrive.

At ComTech Cloud, we take pride in incorporating the following into everything we do:

  • Clear communication. We put our customers before all else and aim to build relationships through strong communication skills. That way, we know when you are happy.
  • Superior technical understanding. It is important to us that we excel in providing the products and services you need.
  • Adaptability. We understand the world of technology is always changing. It is our goal as a company to learn and grow with new developments in the industry.
  • Problem prevention. We analyze issues in all areas of our field and consistently come up with alternatives to find the best solutions for both the long- and short-term goals of our customers.
  • Accountability. We take responsibility for our work and aim to continually improve as a company.

To learn more about our services or to speak with one of our experts about scheduling commercial phone installation for your business, contact us online today!

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