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Troubleshooting Tips for 3 Common VoIP Problems

Posted on: March 23, 2018

At ComTech Cloud, we believe that VoIP is the ideal commercial phone solution for businesses of any size. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely free of problems. If you ever experience any of the following issues, feel free to use these troubleshooting tips!

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Issue #1: Bandwidth

If you’re experiencing choppy voices or delays over the phone, you may have a bandwidth problem. First, check your equipment to make sure all of it is working properly. Even a damaged wire can cause issues that mimic bandwidth problems. Try resetting your equipment to see if that will renew the proper speed. If neither of these tricks work, your bandwidth is most likely the problem.

Despite the common assumption that this points to a weak internet connection or an overload of network traffic, the real culprit is usually an all-consuming application or incorrect compression code. If your guilty pleasure or stress reliever at work is a computer game, that gaming application may be the cause of your speaking delays.

In order to remedy this, try the following:

  • Turn off all computers connected to your network.
  • Test your bandwidth speed.
  • Check the bandwidth usage of your active applications.
  • Test for malware.
  • Configure your router to prioritize voice applications.

Issue #2: Equipment

If you are experiencing an echo when you talk on the phone, the problem could lie in a variety of equipment factors, including:

  • Earpiece/mouthpiece – If your earpiece volume is disproportionately loud compared to your mouthpiece, this can cause an echo. Try covering the mouthpiece of your phone to see if that reduces the echo. If so, turn down the volume on your earpiece, speakers, or headphones.
  • Hardware – If your VoIP hardware is too close together, echoes can occur. Try moving your network router away from your monitor, CPU, and power strip. In some cases, a specialized VoIP router can ensure higher call quality.
  • Wiring – If your cables are wet, frayed, or old, it’s time to replace them. Wiring issues can cause plenty of problems, including echo.

If none of these apply, trying using a corded phone instead of a cordless one to ensure that your network connection is as strong as possible.

Issue #3: Network

If your internet or network connection is poor, you may need a business-class, high-speed internet service. This speed will be able to keep up with the incoming data—namely, the transporting of voice packets—if the capability of your internet service isn’t great enough.

Jitter is another issue that a weak network connection can cause. Since data is divided and sent via voice packets, a bad network connection can cause these packets to scramble and arrive out of order. Using a jitter buffer, which keeps data organized and minimizes delays, ensures that voice packets will arrive in their intended order.

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