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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is VoIP?

VOIP” is an acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a fancy way of saying that the phones work over the internet instead of traditional landlines. See our VoIP page for a more detailed explanation and the benefits page for how this technology can benefit your business.

Do 911 emergency calls work with VoIP Services?

Absolutely! ComTech Cloud uses the e-911 service and your phone system will be programmed to alert authorities to your business address when you dial 911.

Can I have a separate auto attendant greetings for out-of-office hours and holidays?

Yes! You can have a separate greeting for when your business is open or closed and an alternate greeting for times such as holiday or inclement weather.

Who can I call?

With ComTech Cloud, you can call anyone at their office, home, and mobile numbers for both local or domestic long-distance. You can even call multiple people at the same time and conference them together!

How do I know that I am getting an incoming call?

If you have a physical phone, it will ring just like it was connected to a traditional system. If you are using the softphone or app, a notification will be sent to your computer or smartphone.

Can I use my computer while I am on the phone?


Does ComTech Cloud offer faxing?

We have an electronic fax solution that will allow you to send a fax to anyone just like your traditional fax machine. Incoming faxes can be automatically converted to a PDF and sent to an email or automatically printed.

Do you provide internet service?

No, but ComTech has long-standing relationships with various internet service providers (ISPs), and we’ll gladly make arrangements for you.

Can I use my current or old phones?

Yes, most of the time it’s possible to use older phones, but to be safe, please contact us with the make and model of your phone and we’ll be able to better advise you on any compatibility issues.

I already have a VoIP phone. Do I need to purchase new hardware?

Most likely not since ComTech supports many hardware platforms. Contact one of our representatives today and we’ll help you determine if your current hardware is compatible.

Do I have to buy my phones from ComTech?


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