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Softphones for Businesses in DC, MD & VA

Modern business has been making a big move away from standard, outdated phone systems. The need for clarity and functionality have never been bigger, and computer telephony systems, including softphones, have come to fill that need.

At ComTech Cloud, we’ve been supplying businesses with the best in unified communications and technology solutions for well over thirty years. When it comes to bringing you the highest quality, most effective communication solutions available, no one does it like ComTech! Get in touch with us today online to learn more.

What Is a Softphone?

Softphones, or soft client telephones, are a computer application that allow for phone and communication functions without the use of a landline. Softphones work directly from existing in-office computers, and work in conjunction with a headset or with speakers and a microphone as needed.

Softphones are registered with a service provider and assigned a phone number much in the way traditional phone system will operate, making the transition smooth and simple for a business of any size.

The Benefits of a Softphone System

Businesses can benefit from choosing softphones in a variety of ways. They can be implemented as an augmentation of your existing phone capabilities, tied to a VoIP system (as is most common), or can stand alone as a replacement for traditional phones. Choosing a softphone system can benefit businesses both small and large by providing:

  • Clarity in communication. Softphone services provide stable, effective communication to offices and businesses worldwide. With a softphone system, you won’t deal with dropped calls, poor audio quality, or shoddy connections.
  • Mobility. Softphones can be used from phone applications or laptops while on the go, making travelling employees or associates not currently in office always available and capable of connecting with home base.
  • Reduced communications costs. Maintaining land lines and other traditional phone systems can cut deep into a business’s budget, particularly if your business handles a large number of long distance communications. Softphones are a cost-effective, reliable solution that can help you trim unnecessary communication expenditures.
  • Ease of use. Softphone systems are fast and easy to implement for your business, and integrate seamlessly to provide a fast and easy system that opens up a whole new level of connection and communication for your business.

Softphone Systems for Businesses in DC, MD & VA

Small, medium, or large, our specialists guarantee that with a softphone system application, you’ll be speaking clearer and easier in no time. Whether communicating in office, or with clients, softphones provide excellent service that is always reliable. Ready to learn more about softphone solutions with ComTech Cloud? Contact our technology specialists today!

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