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Commercial Phone Installation in DC, MD & VA

Focusing on small to medium businesses and distributed enterprises, ComTech Cloud offers commercial phone installation services throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. We deliver advanced phone services, contact center solutions, online productivity tools, and flexible service plans. Allow our team to help you transition your phone system to new installed, integrated commercial VoIP (Voice Over IP) phone system.

Contact ComTech Cloud online or call us at 240-778-2100 today to learn how we can help with a seamless commercial phone installation process that helps meet all of your business’s needs.

Features of Our Installed Commercial Phone Systems

Switching over from a traditional telephone system to a newly installed hosted VoIP system will offer your DC-based business a broader range of new and innovative features and capabilities for voice communication, such as:

  • Anytime availability for clients and patients. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you can stay connected to your patrons through VoIP communication. This means easier, freer communication that directly connects you to the lifeblood of your business.
  • Find me-follow me applications. Especially beneficial to those with employees and associates on the move, find me-follow me allows calls to be routed through multiple devices. Calls can reach computers, mobile devices, and even home phones long before they hit an answering service.
  • Optional music or information on hold. Avoid dead air and lost calls with a clear and useful on-hold application.
  • No capital expenditure and a low monthly fee. The savings of switching to VoIP are a sure thing. Without obtrusive landlines and hardware, and with nearly ubiquitous internet access in the modern business world, you’ll see the savings immediately.
  • Auto-attendant to efficiently guide callers to the correct extension. Save frustration and stress with direct and automatic routing. All calls will always make it to the correct extension or person, without fail!
  • Voicemail and faxes immediately sent to your email. Never lose a memo or important call again.

Learn more about all of the features you get when installing a ComTech Cloud VoIP phone system!

If you’re interested in installing a commercial office phone system in your building in DC, MD, or VA, contact ComTech Cloud online or call us at 240-778-2100 today!

FAQs About Commercial Phone Installation

Some of the frequently asked questions we receive from area businesses and organizations include:

Are businesses required to have a landline?

There’s no law that says you have to have a landline for your business. You can rely on just a cell phone. But effective, easy communication is critical, and it can make or break your company. You can enjoy the advantage of mobility while having the reliability of a business landline with a cloud-based phone system. Cloud-based business phone systems are as safe — maybe safer — than traditional landline phone systems.

How do business phone systems work?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (analog) phone line. A traditional landline transfers data between callers using a closed circuit. The safety of data stored in mobile devices is iffy at best, but VoIP business phone systems use a protected data storage center.

How do I set up a business phone?

There’s a lot to know. First, you need a phone number. Then you need to add users (employees) to the system. They can have various “permission” levels of access to the phone system, have their own direct number, or any extension number. You can have a virtual “receptionist” to channel inbound calls.

Possibly the best feature of a cloud-based phone system (in addition to its being the most advanced, low-cost technology) is its ability to grow with your business.

How much does it cost to get a business phone line?

It’s irritating when an answer is “it depends,” but it depends. Business phone lines can cost $20/month or more. You can also calculate a per-user cost, which can range from $200 to $1,000 per user.
Considerations include the number of:

  • Employees
  • Features
  • Phones/phone numbers
  • Services

The most basic business phone service should include:

  • Call management
  • Contact management
  • SMS messaging
  • Toll-free number
  • Unlimited calling
  • Voicemail with email/text

One of the most valuable services you offer your customers is availability. That’s how ComTech Cloud can help. Our commercial phone installation services will maximize your availability and keep communications flowing. We’re also available 24/7, so when you have a question you can act sooner rather than later. Call (240) 778-2100 or contact us to learn more.

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