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VoIP Systems for Call Centers

Modern business has been evolving at a rapid rate in recent years. The demand for clarity and functionality has been higher than ever, and for a business such as a call center, that need is even more defined. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), provides for that need exceedingly well, offering methods of improving performance and optimizing communication, while also bringing additional and beneficial functions to the table.

What can ComTech Cloud Offer Your Call Center?

Our VoIP solutions are comprehensive, providing you useful functions and services including:

  • Voicemail and Fax Messaging – VoIP allows for faxing and voicemail to be seamlessly blended with your email services, removing excess clutter and improving the relevance and function of your basic communication needs. By setting voicemail with VoIP systems, a user can even send voice and audio files to business email for storage.
  • Enhanced 911 – A hosted E911 system provides emergency personnel with the caller’s basic information, allowing for a prompt response in times of emergency.
  • Intra-Office Calling – Remove the added cost of long distance calling from your business, helping to cut expenses and retain the full function of calling within your offices, and even to satellite offices and locations.
  • App Integration and Caller ID – An integrated caller ID system allows users to track whether calls are related to business or personal calls at no additional cost.
  • Call Forwarding – Incoming calls can be easily forwarded to personal or business mobile phones, your home, or even your computer’s softphone app. Call forwarding improves functionality for mobile employees and associates as well, allowing them access to voicemail, clear calling, and seamless communication no matter where they may be.

Clarify Communication and Gain Benefits for Your Call Center with VoIP

For a business such as a call center, there is little more important than clear, effective communication. And beyond attaining clearer calls, VoIP can bring you a wide array of additional benefits, including:

  • Lowered business costs – VoIP services offer all of the communication benefits of traditional phone systems and then some, and it does so at a much lower cost to your business. You save not only with less charged services, but also in the cost of maintaining land lines.
  • Caller mobility – All that is needed is internet access and a viable system, be it a laptop or smartphone, and you have all of the benefits of VoIP at your fingertips.
  • Clear communication – Being able to effectively and clearly communicate is more important for your business than nearly any other, and with VoIP, you’ll never deal with a shoddy connection or dropped calls.

Call Center VoIP Services in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Ready to speak with our team about attaining the benefits of VoIP for your call centers? Contact the experts at ComTech Cloud! We’re always here and ready to open a conversation with you. To us, nothing is more important than meeting your needs, and we can guarantee a service that will exceed your every expectation!

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